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To change the system we need to understand it! Our Climate Business Challenge is all about connecting the dots and imagining what‘s next. How can businesses give back — and employees maximise their impact?

The Climate Business Challenge is made to empower everyone: No matter if office or production job, start-up or C-level – it's on us to transform business-as-usual.

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ideas for impact

Time to rethink it all


Our Climate Business Challenge isn't just fun: By gaining a deep understanding on how our current economic system works and the role business is playing, we reveal the leverage points for real change.


Following an imagined company owned by "Andrea", participants learn more about the incentives structure of our economic system and the powers at play. And develop a framework for how to change it from within. Accessible and all on their own — no need for chalk and talk!


An easy to understand framework opens up participants‘ horizons and makes the session fun, specific and entertaining by exchanging with colleagues. Comprehending your potential for impact is the first step to becoming an agent of change!


The second part of the session is very hands-on with participants finding solutions together for the organisation they work at. This is the starting point for its regenerative journey — and a strategy to make it happen!

Reviews we're
proud of

"For the past 12 months, our company has regularly offered a Climate Business Challenge workshop. Like me, many colleagues have now joined in, so that we can increasingly use a common vocabulary in discussions on the subject of sustainability. Knowing about the different scopes, which include not only our footprint but also our business models and our personal handprint, the insightful exchange on this, learning about the background and constraints in the system to which we ourselves also contribute: all this has changed and deepened my sustainability actions in a very positive way."

Felix Godron, Executive Director, BurdaForward GmbH

"We used the Climate Business Challenge as part of a management conference and were very enthusiastic about how playful, collaborative and eye opening it felt. The mix of information, interaction and brainstorming on so many hands-on levels was great."

Katrin Erben, Expert on Sustainability, Österreich Werbung / Austrian National Tourist Office

"We took part in the Climate Business Challenge at Vodafone with 11 active members of our "TeamGreen", and were very enthusiastic about the format. We have then spread the Climate Business Challenge throughout the company and have so far reached 160 colleagues with it. We received very positive feedback throughout the company. What I personally liked the most: using the basis of Part 1 (understanding the context) and applying it in Part 2 (developing solution) with concrete project ideas based on a well a well-structured scheme to get into action. A great tool to grasp the topic and then get started with new motivation."

Felix Schumann, TeamGreen Vodafone Germany

"We did the Climate Business Challenge with our leadership team as part of our sustainability strategy development process. The simulation has firstly shown us the framework in which we operate as a company in a very well presented manner. It then provided us with a highly illustrative model how we can improve our footprint. And last but not least, the workshop was a lot of fun with its interactive, collaborative approach."

Timm Lutter, Director Corporate Communications & Public Affairs at Cornelsen Group

"We played the Climate Business Challenge because we were looking for new options for action and ideas for our employee initiative within GIZ. We especially liked the fact that we had so many great creative ideas in a short time. We simply looked "outside the box" and received new inspiration as a result. We would definitely recommend the game to others."

Felice Böhmke, Customer Service and Communication, Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ) / GIZ

"As a management consultancy, we at HR4Green use Human Resources as a department and a starting point to integrate the topic of sustainability into every function of a company. In order to achieve this, we are always looking for innovative approaches that not only address the need for a deep transformation of our business models and processes, but which also create an intrinsic desire and curiosity to act. The Climate Business Challenge provides us with such a tool, and we enjoy using it in our projects a lot. It explains complex interdependencies in a playful way, and then transitions the participants into to developing relevant solutions for themselves. On top, it also has a teambuilding, motivating effect."

Jan Zöller, Managing Director of HR4GREEN GmbH

"I enjoyed the game a lot. Although the topic is very complex, the Climate Busines Challenge guides you through the relevant structures, problems and the systemic nature of it in an easy to understand manner. After playing the game, you are motivated to help create a regenerative working world. I find the game relevant for both beginners and experts on the topic of sustainability and post-growth and would recommend it anytime."

Lisa Landvogt, On Purpose Associate

After playing the Climate Business Challenge ...
feel motivated now to engage in climate and planet projects in their company.
have a better understanding of what they can do in their company to be come regenerative, and to help drive the overall transformation.
would recommend playing it to friends and colleagues.

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